Expertise & network

Based on many years of practical experience, our business rests on an unbreakable foundation of deep professional knowledge, systematic method and the right network in every single project.

Knowledge of people and culture

Through many years, APCO has developed a deep knowledge of the different conditions, culture, language and functions that exist in the various industries and we therefore know which industries can be compared. Thorough analyses along with access to niche information as well as information-heavy databases enables us to target the right candidates that fit the needs of the client.

Specialist in


With a strong background in recruitment and organizational skills, we are experts in competencies. We have a fundamental belief that a recruitment is situational and therefore always begin an assignment with a conversation regarding the specific need for competencies.

Research and professional network

We are ”one point of contact” to a network of business researchers who together cover most industries in the Danish market. This means that any process is aided by a broad network of experts and key resources providing APCO with research help in almost any given sector and thus delivering a broader and better field of suitable candidates.



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GDPR Compliant

APCO has updated its internal processes and procedures in respect to data privacy to ensure the existing and changed / new services will remain compliant with GDPR

Candidate Database

If you have special skills within management, finance, sales, engineering, consulting or IT, you are welcome to send  your resumé or connect on LinkedIn.